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Whether you need Home Plans, addition plans, or construction consulting, we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Sensible Home Design, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

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What some recent clients say about Sensible Home Design, LLC

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

September 2020

Where to start!? The process from start to finish was absolutely perfect. Ron and Jake kept the project moving forward and went over every aspect of the home with us as we were designing our forever home. They hit the nail on the head and made it even better than we had envisioned. I highly recommend Ron and Jake at Sensible Home Design. As excited as I am to have the finished project it makes me a little sad that this part of the design process has come to an end!

Heather Stewart

MAY 2020

My wife and I absolutely love the house that Ron designed for us. He did a phenomenal job melding our ideas, conveyed in one initial meeting, into preliminary plans that hit all the marks. In two efficient meetings after, he had finalized our dream home, incorporating our minor tweaks to take the design to completion. Ron was great at explaining his reasoning, any trade-offs we faced, and leveraging his adjacent knowledge to provide guidance to aid us with our decisions. This includes him providing significant input regarding cost and highlighting potential suppliers with a good quality product at reasonable price points. Also, from the start up to the present, I have always felt like I've been working with a long-standing friend in all of my interactions with him. He is always willing to do anything he can to aid the project come to a happy outcome. Summing it up, Ron is gifted, a true master of his craft - and I am very thankful that my wife and I were pointed in his direction.

Erik Shaw

Ron did a tremendous job designing my house. We first talked general ideas on what my family wanted/needed, and then met up multiple times to work out the finer details. He was patient and explained many home building aspects to me and brought tons of knowledge to the table to enable me to make decisions. I could not be happier with the final result. He was thorough and responsive throughout the process in addition to being very talented in the design process. I would highly recommend Sensible Home Design to all of my friends and family for the design of their new home. A great company and Ron is fantastic to work with.

Andrew Mueller
August 2019

We started our house design project with Ron back in early 2014. It is now 2017 and we are finally having the house built. Through out that 3 year span, Ron worked with us as details changed and costs were reduced thru design to help meet our budget. I especially like the fact, in this day and age, that he uses 3D design software to design his homes which not only helps with the construction it also helps with us the consumers to see a 3D image of what our home will look like.

Dave Sander
July 2017

We needed an architect to draw us a bedroom and basement addition, we were very lucky to be refered to Ron....he made our plans exactly as we specified.....awesome company to work with would definitely use again....plans done in a fast timely manner.....very professional.

Linda Vance
November 2016

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Sensible Home Design has been serving the Greater Dayton
and Cincinnati, Ohio community since 1996.

Sensible Home Design is not limited to this area.  We are currently working on projects in Kentucky and Tennessee and have done projects as far away as South Dakota.  With the speed of the interenet we can work with you via email and other web processes to create your custom home plan.  Don't let distance stop you from giving us a call.  

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We prefer to take your ideas of your perfect house and make it your own.   Our expert designers will work with you to make your dreams become reality.   With our expertize and your Ideas we will take all of the ideas that you have and put it on paper.

Simply create your wish list,  bring your imagination , sit down with us and let us design your dream house.

The average cost for us to design a custom plan is typically a less then the plan prices you find on the interenet for custom design or plan customization, and with our service you get a gauruntee that your plan will be accepted by the plans examiner in your county or city.  We are also there throughout the building process to ensure that all questions are answered.

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Whether you need Home Plans, addition plans, or construction consulting, we have what you need at prices you can afford.